Beautiful beaches and wildlife encounters!

North Stradbroke Island, Qld

photo of koala watching daveAfter a nice couple of days camped by a river, in-land near Lamington National Park, we headed back to the coast and straight for North Stradbroke Island. This spur of the moment island trip turned out to be a amazing.

We didn’t book a ferry to get across to the island because we didn’t know what time we would get to it so we just rocked up. The next ferry was booked out but the lady put us on standby in case there was room. We got lucky and we were on the ferry within 20mins!

Straddie is a an amazing place considering it’s so close to a major Australian city. It’s not as busy I thought it would be, but then we weren’t there during any holidays.


Our Adder Rock Campsite

We planned to stay for 3 nights but ended up staying for 5. First three nights we stayed at a campground called Adder Rock. We loved it there as we had a cool little hidden away spot close to the beach. We managed to surf, fish, go for walks and go for a jog. Heaps of fun! Went for a quick fish on the first day there and got another nice flathead. 60cms long, not quite 65 cms like my last one but still good size!

At Adder Rock we would head to the beach at dusk for a fish. One night we watched the moon rise and the sunset at the same time – both were spectacular.


Our sneaky bush camp at sunrise

After checking out another area called Amity Point we found a sneaky little spot in the bush at the end of the 4wd beach access road. It was a great little spot with views of the beach and sunrise each morning. We stayed here for 2 nights. At Amity point we saw koalas in the trees, ospreys catching fish, sea turtles, and dolphins at the jetty. Chelsea had an amazing encounter with a wild dolphin at the jetty one afternoon, but she’s going to tell you all about that in her highlights post!

We also made the most of some down time on Straddie to get website work and some Dusty fixes and modifications. I relocated the power inverter to a much more convenient position to make it easy turning on and off from within the van. I also did more surfboard repairs, fixed the contacts on the sliding door so that the central locking works correctly, fixed some broken curtain hooks (an on-going maintenance item), and researched on how to adjust the cut off pressure on our water pump.

Straddie was beautiful, and really special for us due to the amazing wild life encounters that we had there.


Dolphins at Amity Point

3 thoughts on “Beautiful beaches and wildlife encounters!

  1. Hey graves & Chels,

    Looks (and sounds) like you’re having an amazing trip – smashed face notwithstanding!

    And sweet as website too,


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