Cape Trap…

Cape Tribulation


Cape Trib had us trapped! We didn’t want to leave. Cape Trib has lived up to its name of being stunning. The rainforest meets quiet beaches and the tiny town has been a great place for us to hang out. This place has a cool vibe that we really liked.

For 3 weeks we’ve been walking along deserted beaches finding the best headland lookouts and hiking into the Daintree NP that surrounds us.

Cape Tribulation Daintree NPOur campground is nestled back into the rainforest and we wake up every morning to the sound of the rainforest insects, birds and the wind in the trees.

Cape Trib ‘town’ is mainly made up of a pub, a café, a small supermarket, two restaurants and a few campgrounds. The closest decent size supermarket is a 1 hour 45 min drive south. The closest fuel station a 30 min drive south and fuel is $1.70 litre. There are no streetlights and walking home in the dark from the pub is always an adventure. The locals don’t have mains power, they are living quite basically and using generators. There are two places within a 45 min drive where we get phone reception and you can pay through the roof at the pub for slow internet or struggle to receive emails from the WiFi at the restaurant – but we’re not complaining! You quickly get used to not having phone reception or WiFi and they seem out of place here anyway. The slow paced lifestyle and the feeling of being cut off from the world is partly what appeals to us with this special isolated jungle hideaway.

We’ve been here long enough to get to know a few very cool locals really well and we were able to find out about the non-tourist tracks up creeks to waterholes and a load of other general ‘inside’ information.

P1010667   P1010666   P1010674

One of our adventurous hikes took us bush bashing along a small winding creek, which is no small feat in this dense jungle. We climbed up over huge fallen logs, through spikey palms, around giant hanging vines and over large tree roots. The kind of place you feel like you need a machete to get anywhere but it also feels like it would have been wrong to harm this ancient and special place with anything as brutal as that. All the while we were on the look out for pigs, cassowaries, snakes and stinging plants that we’ve been warned to look out for. With a few scratches, insect bites and wet muddy shoes we eventually made it to the creeks edge for a respite from the bush bash battle (which was fun by the way!).

Cape Tribulation Daintree NPWe swam in clear mountain fresh waterholes and enjoyed seeing cascades while boulder hopping further up stream. We gave up trying to keep any part of our shoes dry and ended up rock hopped our way back down stream which was much faster and so beautiful.

We enjoyed a nocturnal walk with a guide late one night to spot animals that we wouldn’t get to see during the day and that was very cool (and a bit scary) too. We did a flying fox trip through the tree tops of the Daintree too, now that was cool! Dave loved the fishing here and he found some awesome trail runs as well. I’ll mention this (because he won’t) he hiked up Mt Sorrow in 1 hour 45 mins when it generally takes people up to 6 hours…so proud…just sayin’…

P1010693   P1010683   P1010686

Cape Trib aka Little Banff (Zander you’ll know what we’re talking about) is also a destination full of temporary happy traveller employees getting up to mischief at every chance possible. I didn’t expect to see a shed pole used as a strip pole one drunken night when the boys were having a dance off competition either! Ha! I’ll leave it there but needless to say we had some really good nights hanging out with the Cape Trib crew.

We were on the hunt to spot the elusive and rare Cassowary for the whole time and we did get lucky just before we left, so we were stoked about that!

P1010839   P1010836   P1010833

After 3 weeks here we found it hard to say our good-byes and leave. It is one of those places we have considered setting up shop for a time to get to know even better, and may go back to work for a season at some stage. Nevertheless, we are excited about where we are headed to next. We’ve booked in for a 4-day hike on Hinchinbrook Island south of Cairns – whoop whoop!

2 thoughts on “Cape Trap…

  1. Hey guys! Just checking out your blog and it’s awesome! Looks very pro! Loved the Cape Trib blog :) We left a few weeks ago and are heading down the coast, loving it so far. Will defo be checking out a few of the places you’ve been, they look awesome! Hope you are both well. xxx

    • Hey Holly! Glad you like the website. Hopefully it helps you out with places to check out on your way down the coast. You guys will love it!

      We made it to Darwin. Setting ourselves up here in Chels’ mum’s house. It’s weird not loving in the van!

      Say hi to the others for us.
      Dave and Chels. xxx

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