Drinking rum & swimming with giants

Bundaberg, Agnes Water, 1770, Lady Musgrave Island, QLD

Agnes Water Surf
After leaving friends behind in Noosa, Chelsea, Dusty and I kept heading North to find warmer weather. Before we knew it we were in Bundaberg and of course we found ourselves at the Bundy Distillery.

Before hitting Bundaberg we stopped in at Hervey Bay. We had a day of spoiling ourselves for my birthday. I had a fish at the inlet. We then had some lunch and went to the movies. After setting up camp we went out for dinner. Awesome day.

After Hervey Bay we did another long haul (about an hour and a half on the road, ha!) and stopped at Woodgate beach for the night. We made Nachos for dinner again, they’re so damn good! While we were on a roll in the van kitchen I decided to make some popcorn to have with our in van movie. I got a bit keen on the amount of corn this time and it decided to overflow, popping out everywhere all over the van kitchen, fun times.

Van cooked Nachos!

Van cooked Nachos!

Popcorn overflow!

Popcorn overflow!

Bundaberg seemed to have recovered pretty well from the past few years of floods. There’s still shops closed and damaged foreshores but life seems to go on. We stayed out on the coast in a cool little town called Bargara. We went on the Bundy Rum distillery tour, of course, which was really interesting. Got to try some of the new top shelf stuff too! Did some fishing at the headlands near where we camped. Caught bream for dinner, also stabbed myself in the hand with my new stupidly sharp filleting knife. It wasn’t too deep though so a bit of antiseptic and a band-aid and I was good as gold.

Bargara and Dusty

The storage box always generates a lot of interest!

Bundaberg distillery

Bundaberg distillery

Agnes Water SurfIt surprised me that there was a surf beach on the coast of Bundaberg. It looked like it could possibly get decent surf but the winds were high the whole time we were there so we didn’t get in for a paddle. We moved on up the road to Agnes Water. We knew that Agnes Water had surf and is apparently the last spot on the north coast that does so I was hoping for a good swell…and I got it! I had three days of surfing the right hand point break and it was some of the best surfing of the trip so far, second to Byron probably.

The point at 1770

The point at 1770

After Agnes we moved a whole 5 mins north to the town of Seventeen Seventy. This is where Captain Cook landed next after Botany Bay while he sailed up the east coast. It’s an amazing location out on a peninsular.

While at 1770 we did a day cruise/tour out to Lady Musgrave Island. This island is part of the southern Great Barrier Reef and is surround by a naturally formed lagoon full of incredible coral gardens and huge amounts of fish and turtles. We spent all day out there exploring the island and snorkeling around the reef bombies. We swam with an abundance of different types of fish and turtles. One of the fish was a Greasy Cod and it would have been close to 5 foot long and twice as wide as me, it was an absolute giant! One of the tour guys said that he’s only about half grown too! Lady Musgrave was one of the highlights of the trip so far for sure!

Chels on the boat A long tom with a fish Lady Musgrave Island



8 thoughts on “Drinking rum & swimming with giants

  1. 1770 looks so amazing!! You guys sure do pick the spots. I like your cooking attempts too Davey! Especially the popcorn. Ha! Take care and glad your taking it slowly. XXX

  2. Fantastic photos Gravy and Chelsea! It’s so good to see pictures of you guys with biiiiig smiles in absolutely beautiful surroundings! Lady Musgrave Island sounds phenomenal!!! Hope the weather holds up while you continue to travel up north!

    • Thanks El! I actually thought of you when we’re snorkelling at Lady Musgrave and how much you would love it! It was insanely pristine!

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