Finding the right home on wheels

Sydney, NSW

Photo of Dusty our van

When Chelsea and I decided that we wanted to see more of Oz we considered all the different ways it could be done. We knew that our ideal would be to live the simple life, something that we both love, and therefore hotels and planes were definitely out of the

So for us it would be a road trip, hell yeah! But there are so many different ways a road trip can be done. Our dreaming began and initially we had our heart set on a 4wd. We thought if you’re travelling around Oz it has to be in a 4wd right? So that was a given when we first started planning how we would like to travel. It wasn’t until we started talking about what we both wanted out of our first Oz road trip that we realised we might not need a 4wd. We both love the ocean and the bush and therefore decided that we would spend most of our time on the coast with detours into National Parks.

With this plan in place we quickly went from the expensive capital and running costs of a 4wd to a campervan! I was immediately in the market for a campervan. Even though we didn’t have a departure date and we knew it would be at least 12 months before we could go on extended leave, I wanted to start looking for the ideal van and get my hands on it so we could use it on our weekends away and find out what modifications we would need to do for a longer trip. We wanted something small that we could drive around town and have no troubles getting up small winding mountain roads. A small van is also good for finding the little bush camping spots without any troubles. We can fit into most spots that tents can be pitched on, which is exactly what we wanted so that we could avoid the more established spots that campervans tend to get.


After a lot of research I decided a Toyota Hiace is the way to go. They have the reputation of being unstoppable and you can get parts for them anywhere.

When Chels and I went to check out Dusty we both immediately knew she was perfect for what we needed and so the first stage of our Oz adventure planning was complete, home on wheels found!


2 thoughts on “Finding the right home on wheels

    • Thanks for testing Sue! And yes, there will be plenty of info on all the van modifications that I’ve done before and during the trip!

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