Week two – First catch and a busted face

Crescent Head NSW

Picture of me getting stitched upEnd of week two and we’ve only made it as far as Cresent Head, ha! Whats even more funny is that friends of ours visited us from Syndey for the Easter weekend!

This was quite an eventful week with friends visiting, awesome surf, the most amazing campsite (Delicate Nobbys), I caught/killed/filleted/cooked my first fish, pizza over campfire, me cutting my face, and Easter.


First fish that I’ve ever caught to then fillet and eat!

The highlight of this week would be me splitting my face open with the back of my surfboard. I got dumped on a wave and the back of my board somehow slingshot back into the side of my face. It split my face and damaged the back of the board good. I still think I came off better than my board did!


The face damage from my board

The awesome thing about it was how I got fixed up. We had made friends with some locals a few days before, Kim and Sarah. They ran the local bush kitchen cafe (they also have cabins there which I super keen to go back to some day and stay in!). Well Kim and Sarah would do a mobile coffee van in the mornings at our campground and when I walked into the campground with a bloody face Sarah said to go down to their place and see her Dad. “He should have a stitch kit” she said. So instead of having to drive to Kempsey and wait for 3-4 hours in emergency, I got to sit on the balcony of a beautiful bush home, overlooking the trees, and I got stitched up by Sarah’s dad within about an hour of the cut happening! Love it!


2 thoughts on “Week two – First catch and a busted face

    • Oh man it would have been a different blog post if that went ahead with out getting the needles! I think fainting might have come in there somewhere, ha!

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