Week one – On the road!

New South Wales

Picture of sun rays through the cloudsWe’re finally do it!!

So we’re are actually in week 6 right now but I haven’t done any writing or blogs because I’ve been too busy with learning how to fish, surfing, taking the vibe of all the places we’ve been, and adjusting to our new life on the road!

The first week of the trip was a great intro into the trip. After our final farewells (bbq at Freshwater beach on Sat and a breakfast with Zander, El, Cassie, Boofhead, and Mia) we took off from Sydney (Zander’s place) and hit the road heading north…it felt surreal to leave our life (and my unit) in Sydney behind and to hit the road with everything we need to live off all in Dusty!

First stop was a place I use to camp at with my mates from school in Mungo Brush. It was great seeing that area again after so many years.

Mungo Brush - 1st night on the trip

Mungo Brush – 1st night on the trip

A highlight of this first week was finding a camping area just south of Forster called ‘The Ruins’. It was only $10pp per night and was right on 7 mile beach, with hot showers and flushing toilets. Awesome!

The Ruins Campground

The Ruins Campground

The other highlight was finding a random little camping area in Cobrabold State Park, inland from Port Macquarie. It was an awesome little camping spot right on a river and really private (we went skinning dipping in the river by the moonlight).

Cobrabold State Park - awesome little find!

Cobrabold State Park – awesome little find!

Adjusting to life on the road involved breaking heaps of stuff. For some reason we broke a bunch of things in the first week or two. Things like the bat light (awesome camp light that Zander gave us…we bought another one!), drinking glass and coffee mug, stove lighter thingy, both our surfboards, etc. We figured its best to get the breaking stuff over with at the start of the trip!


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