From rags to riches

Palm Cove, Qld


One of the elements of this trip around Oz that Chelsea and I love is living the simple life. It’s just us, Dusty, and a few basic items to survive life on the road (like surfboards and fishing rods!). When we met up with our friends in Palm Cove for a wedding, we were spoiled with a week of indulgence with good friends!Before we hit the road we had no timeline to work towards except one date in our calendar,  6th July. This was the date of our good friends, Scott and Jen’s wedding in Palm Cove. Palm Cove is a beautiful small town on the beach about half hour north of Cairns. This gave us about 4 months to get from Sydney to Cairns…and we only just made it in time!

The week in Palm Cove was a week of luxury for Chelsea and me. Don’t get me wrong, we were still living in Dusty. But we were eating out and dressing up for the first time on this whole trip. In-fact in the 4 months that we’ve been on the road we’ve eaten out only a few times (for our birthdays), slept in one normal bed for one night at a friend’s place, and have used a normal shower (other than caravan park showers) only 3 or 4 times.

IMG_0354The few days leading up to the wedding we had some quality time hanging out with Scott and Jen at cafes, on the beach, and lazing around their resort. At one point I found myself lying in the hot tub that Scott and Jen had on their personal penthouse roof-top thinking wow, we’ve gone from rags to riches on this trip! At this point I looked and Scotty, “Hey Scotty mate…you should get married more often”.


IMG_0355It was pretty cool dressing up after 4 months of board shorts and t-shirts. Chelsea look amazing of cause.

IMG_0358Scott and Jen’s wedding was spectacular. The ceremony was held in a great little chapel on the beach surrounded by palm trees and tropical plants. They picked the right day as well. The days leading up to and the days following the wedding were windy and rainy. Their day was blue skies and a cool breeze, perfect. Needless to say that Jen looked incredible and Scott scrubbed up pretty well too.

After some post ceremony drinks on a grassed area adjacent the beach the reception kicked off. I don’t think there was one person in the room that didn’t have an incredible night! It was so much fun. The food was good, the speeches entertaining, and the drinks plentiful. One of the highlights for me was the desert bar, which was a long table filled with all sorts of deserts and candy (including lollies bags that you could fill up with your choice of candy!). IMG_0364The other highlight of the night was the photo booth. There was an array of props (funny hats, sunglasses, ties, etc) that people could wear and then have a portrait taken at the push of a little red button. At one point in the night Zander and I decided to bring the photo booth props to the dance floor. We grabbed a handful of props and started dressing everyone up on the dance floor and everyone got into it!

IMG_0368Once the week of celebrations was all over Chelsea and I were surprised by Scott and Jen who came to visit us in our campground with a car full of left over supplies from the BBQs they hosted on their penthouse roof-top. We were stoked! They left us with copious amounts of beer, cider, soft drink, meat, cheeses, nice balsamic vinegar, lollies, the list goes on and on; oh and the Hugh Hefner slippers too! (see photo below). This will keep us going for a while!


It was definitely a night/week to remember. Great work Scotty and Jen and thanks for the amazing week of spoiling us!




4 thoughts on “From rags to riches

  1. Awesome Dave and Chels. Great to hear about your adventures. Nice work Scotty. He really is a nice bloke.. )and punching above his weight).

  2. Sounds like you are living in comfort at the moment! What a lovely couple to take you two in. Hope you are remembering your table manners Dave and no burping at the table!! ha ha!! MIssing you! Love Mum & Dad XXX

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