It’s time to eat, laugh & have fun!

Darwin, NT

dave wrestling a crocodile
I don’t know about you but I love all the celebrations during this time of year, because they bring friends and family together with many good times to be had. Merry Christmas everybody!

We are hoping to have a bush Christmas this year, camping en-route to Kununurra, just across the NT border into WA. Over New Years we’ll be driving a house boat along the peaceful Ord River, which is something we’re really, really excited about. Be sure to check back into the Unknown Journey to see the pics…

I had quite a bit of fun whipping up these gimmick images of Dave and I! Dave often looked over at me as I giggled to myself every now and again while I was Photoshopping away.

A few people have asked me about the pictures I used to make our xmas card – well below you get the insider peek of how it was done.

Crocodile in Kakadu Dave posing to look like he's wrestling

I took the photo of the crocodile at Yellow Waters on our last trip to Kakadu National Park. I also made Dave wrestle a fake crocodile in our back yard at home….and voila!


Dave took the amazing picture of boxing kangaroos below and there I am posing in our backyard to complete the picture…

boxing-roo-lowres chelsea punching pose


Well, once again Happy Christmas and we’re wishing you all fun times and many laughs. Bring on the new adventures of 2014 I say!


2 thoughts on “It’s time to eat, laugh & have fun!

  1. Wow. Great photos. Crocodile Dundee Dave.!!!! Great commentary. Luv Pete and colleen

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