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      • Don’t worry man, we’ve been getting that quite a bit! If you guys plan a holiday check out where we’re at at the time and we could meet up!

  1. Great photos! Love reading what you guys are up too!! We miss you both so much and are also just a little jealous!!! Keep enjoying! Luv Mum & Dad XXX

  2. Just had to add, and say again! that your photos are amazing! Just checked out your Fraser Is ones. Soooooo good except the one of the spider!! Freaked me out a little but a great shot!

  3. Hey guys…. looks like you are both having a wonderful time on the road. Love your pics, clearly you have been to some awesome locations, I love the pic for the kangaroos, so aussie.

    Take care and don’t forget to drop in if in deed you come back this way!
    Tracey x

    • Great to hear from you Tracey! Yep, we’ve truly been overwhelmed with just how many places have blown us away AND the trip just keeps getting better. Thanks for checking out our website, it’s great to stay in touch with you. We might pick your brain when we get to Kakadu as well! Plus we will definitely drop in to visit if we come back your way. Take care, Chels & Dave :)

  4. Great Gallery Dave and Chels, inspiring nature, I think we will follow in your footsteps eventually 😉 for now it’s Asia in January, so if u’re not sick of travelling by than you should try to convert that Campervan into a plane and fly over to Vietnam – imagine that, “flying campervan” Sounds like a title of an adventure movie !!!!! I’m getting excited .

    Marty & Nat

    • Thanks for your awesome feedback guys! It’s great to hear from you. Believe it or not I’ve thought about you guys many times because you would truly LOVE what we have been seeing and doing as much as we have. I can see you guys slotting right into life on the road in a campervan, soaking up nature at it’s best and experiencing all adventures that come with traveling – and Marty you would be SO INSPIRED to draw, it would drive you crazy! I’ve been meaning to email you some inspiring oz bush ‘research’ pics for our little project one day :) so I must get around to that soon. And soon you guys will be getting an adventure of your own, Vietnam will be so very cool, and you guys deserve an escape too! Stay in touch about January…it sounds amazing…if we have $ we’re keen! Take care, Chels and Dave x

  5. OMG! Once again those photos are amazing!! I think my favourite is no. 10, the close up of the water over the green mossy rocks! Wow moment for me!

    • Thanks Mum! Glad you’re loving the photos. We’re going to have a huge library of them by the time we’ve finished this trip…what to do with them?? We might figure something out. Not bragging or anything but the photo that you really liked was one of mine :)

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