Station Life

Bullara Cattle Station, WA

Bullara Station Cattle MusterWhen we rolled into Bullara Cattle Station, inland from Exmouth, we had planned to spend the night at their station stay campground and then keep on rolling down the west coast. The Unknown Journey however had other plans for us and we had no idea the amount of adventures Bullara had in store for us!

P1060549After driving through the Bullara gates we checked into the station homestead where we were greeted by the most friendly smile and ‘welcome to Bullara!’ by Edwina. Chels and Edwina had an instant connection and started chatting about our life on the road. Before we knew it, Edwina asked us if we would be interested in sticking around and working on the station where ever needed. We thought why not eh’, this is what the Unknown Journey is all about, and so before we knew it we were hard at work and loving our new life on an outback cattle station.

On our first day of wandering and checking out the station we instantly felt at home. There were animals roaming everywhere, all sorts of old and new farm equipment, an old shearing shed, country cottages for guests, awesome looking farm buggies, old utes and motor bikes just screaming to be ridden!

Bullara Station   Bullara Station   P1060459

We found a great spot to set up Dusty, in a paddock just behind the shearing shed and next to a perfect little smooth barked Coolabah, which shaded us from the afternoon sun. The nights were very cool, so we also made sure that the sun hit our van as soon as it poked its head up.

P1060437   Bullara Station   Bullara Station

P1060478On our first day of work, Edwina asked Chels and I to do some maintenance on their “beer bottle” walking trail. A great little trail on their property that takes you to pure red sand hills, which glow as the sun gets close to the horizon. “Just jump in ‘red rocket’ to get out there”, Ed says as she points to an old Holden Jackaroo that’s been modified to the point that it looks like it’s straight out of the Mad Max movies! “Chels, I think I’m going to like this job”, I say with smile from ear to ear.

Bullara StationA days work could include collecting and cutting firewood, feeding animals, cutting steel, helping build cattle yards, cleaning, gardening, grass cutting, fencing, installing a windmill tower, mustering, and pretty much anything you can think of that needs to be done on a farm. After work we would gather around the communal campfire for a drink and some of Damper John’s famous damper. Chels and I were also lucky enough to have John make us a couple of sourdough damper loaves – which he seemed to time perfectly for when we were close to running out of bread!

Bullara Station   Bullara Station   Bullara Station

There are way too many stories and experiences to mention in this one small blog post so hopefully our Station Life photo album will paint the picture for you. In short, there was red dirt, open spaces, a thousand stars, bush showers, drinks around campfires, camp oven cooking, broken ribs and ambulances while cattle mustering, days off fishing and snorkelling in Coral Bay, lunch time hammock kips, fields of wildflowers, exploring their quarter of a million acres on motor bikes, trips out to the Exmouth gulf in mad max buggies, putting pythons in the shower to scare staff, driving tractors, 4WDing on sand dunes…I think you get the idea!

Bullara Station   Bullara Station   Bullara Station

Bullara Station   IMG_2192   P1070227

P1070219   Five Fingers, Coral Bay   Five Fingers, Coral Bay

Life is about experiencing new things. And just like any adventure – it’s the people you P1070292meet that really influence the type of experience you have. At Bullara we met and worked with so many amazing people. This blog would blow out in length if we mentioned all of them, so lets just say that Chels and I were stoked to be a part of the Bullara work crew and the Bullara family. We do want to do one quick shout out for Tim & Edwina, the station owners, for simply being awesome people. Chels and I rolled into their station at the right time in both their, and our lives which was simply meant to be. You made us feel at home. Thanks again guys!

P1070296   P1070299   P1070290

To finish up we want to give a small plug for the Bullara Station Stay. For travellers looking for the quintessential outback Australia experience, we definitely recommend Bullara. Outside of our experience, it’s also just an awesome place to stay. There are powered and un-powered sites, cottages and ‘Shearer’s rooms’. Most roll in planning to stay a night, but end up staying a week. It’s such a great base for day trips to Exmouth and Coral Bay. Here’s a link to their website and facebook page, check em out!

Be sure to check out our Station Life photo album for a glimpse of some more antics.

2 thoughts on “Station Life

  1. Loved reading this and checking out all your photos! I kept thinking that having you guys grow up with the Mudgee experience must come in handy at times like this. You would feel right at home, especially when I saw the old shearing shed! You guys are really living life and am so happy for you! You both look so happy! X

    • Thanks Mum! We really did love it there. And yes, growing up going to Mudgee really did come in handy. We would love to go back to Bullara and do a full season there, but we have so many plans for our next adventures in life! We will just have to see which way the wind blows us once we’re back in ol’ Sydney town.

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