Trekking on an Island

Hinchinbrook Island, Qld

Zoe Falls
Many of the things we do and places we go on this stella road trip are a result of chatting to other travellers on the road. One traveller in particular told us about the most amazing place he had ever been to in the world, the Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbrook Island. Well…Chels and I decided we can’t miss “the most amazing place in the world”, so we got ourselves ready for 4 days of hiking on Hinchinbrook Island.The Thorsborne Trail is a 32km trek that navigates from the northern to the southern point of the amazingly pristine Hinchinbrook Island. There is nothing else on the Island but the trail which consists of secluded bays, beautiful beaches, fresh water creeks, water falls and incredible swimming holes. It’s a relatively short trail for a multi-day trek but if you give yourself plenty time to hang out at all the campsites you won’t regret it.

We completed the walk over 4 days which was perfect. Each day we walked till about lunch time then spent the rest of the afternoon swimming in waterholes and creeks, and simply enjoying the stunning surrounds.

P1020236To access the start of the trail we organised a boat that dropped us off on a small jetty in a mangrove estuary. Before long we were on the trail. The trail itself was really cool. It was rough and raw enough to make you feel like only a few people had been there before you, but established enough to make you feel like you’re not lost and to prevent you from having to bush bash.

There were certainly some challenging parts on the trail, with steep climbs, rock scrambles and plenty of balancing on logs to cross creeks and boggy marshes.

Creek crossing Climbing Creek crossings

But with each days walk being no more than 10km you get to take your boots off and rest at a campsite before you know it.

P1020268   Brekkie on the beach   A dip in the creek

One of the things that we loved about this trek was the variety of environments we walked through. From jungle rainforest, to open beaches, to rocky head lands, to marshy mangrove forests, to dry scrubby escarpments, this trail had it all! And to top it off everyday there was a backdrop of huge, humbling rugged mountains.

P1020329   P1020342   Rainforest

P1020335   Hiking up and over rocks   Heading into the swamp

The other amazing thing about this trail is the fact that you get to rinse off at the end of everyday in crystal clear waters.

P1020372   P1020374   P1020461

P1020396   P1020416   Pancakes for brekkie!

All in all we had an amazing time and we now have yet another “trip highlight” that we will never forget. We’re extremely glad we took the advice of our fellow traveller to visit the most amazing place in the world (although having not travelled to every place in the world we can’t say if Hinchinbrook Island tops them all…but I reckon it might come close!)

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