Week five – Byron Bay!

Byron Bay, NSW

P1000327Byron Bay was somewhere that Chels and I were really looking forward to seeing but we were unsure if we would like it, as we heard it had become over run with tourists and backpackers. We weren’t sure how long we would end up staying and we thought we would take it as it comes. Well it turned out that we loved Byron! It was definitely busier than many of the places that we had been to so far but it was right up our alley! Chilled out. Amazing beaches. Great surf. Great fishing. Everything we could ask for.

We thought that we would end up spending more on camping in Byron than any other place in Australia as we had heard about the inflated prices. So as we drove in to town we started dropping into campgrounds that we’re on the outskirts to try and find the cheaper ones. Even these were around $40-50 per night for an unpowered site! We decided to drive to the centre of town to see how much more the campgrounds right on the beach were. As we got close to the centre of town we saw a small sign up at the local football field saying ‘Camping available’. Why not check it out?! We ended up getting some of the cheapest camping so far on the trip, let alone being in Byron Bay! We were stoked. We immediately paid for a week. The toilets and showers were a bit grubby but we were paying national park rates and you usually get pit toilets and no showers in national parks so we weren’t going to complain!

The beach that was 15 minutes walk from camp ended up being the morning fishing site. I caught fish for dinner every morning that I went! And it was different fish every day almost. First it was Dart, then Bream, then Whiting, then the biggest flathead measuring 65cms!!

I surfed the point a few times and also the beach close to our campground. The best day of surfing was on the last morning we had in Byron. I was surfing the Wreck break for a while catching a few good ones. After a while I came in and saw another smaller but awesome looking break just south of the wreck. Perfect little barrels. I thought, this could be my chance to get barrelled for the first time, and I did!! And not only once! What made it even better was that Chels was sitting on the rocks watching me. It was awesome to look up and see her after each wave I caught. I will never forget that surf session in Byron.

4 thoughts on “Week five – Byron Bay!

  1. Looks like you are both having an amazing time!! I miss you both so much, can’t wait to read more and live vicariously through your travels!! Big hugs xoxo

  2. Thanks Tab! We miss you too. I think you should round up Ryan and Jeffross and we should do a dinner up north somewhere! We’ll make sure we keep the posts and updates coming…

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