We’re on the great sandy island…shhh don’t tell Dusty!

Fraser Island, Qld

picture of champagne poolsFraser Island is somewhere we both really wanted to get to but we were unsure if it would happen, seen as though Dusty is only 2wd. We looked at hiring a 4wd but it would almost have been as expensive as buying a beat up 4wd, just for the week on the island! As it turned out, luck was on our side in a big way!

A friend who Dave met through work and who lives in Brisbane let us borrow his 4wd to make Fraser Island possible, unbelievable!! Dave and I could not believe our luck. Phil and Karen are amazing people and we’re lucky to have them as our friends.

Our beach camp

Our beach camp

As soon as we got onto the Island we found a campsite on the beach and setup the tarp and tent ready for the pending rain. The rain all night didn’t worry us. Our make shift shelter was doing well enough and our tent was still dry in the morning.

The rain all morning didn’t dampen our spirits, we laid around under a good doona (hurray for car camping!), had a coffee in bed and settled into our good books. What felt like hours later the prognosis was still the same, rain…drizzly continuous rain. Only the lure of a hot breaky drew us out of the tent.

Beach driving fun!

Beach driving fun!

We have hiked in cold rain before but that was with the promise of the warm shelter of Dusty once getting back. We were a little more reluctant this time around because camping outdoors just isn’t cosy enough to be alluring. After the rain eased off in the early arvo we jumped on the chance to take off on an inland 4wd track.

Straight away we were in awe. It started off as open woodlands and slowly turned into rainforest surrounds. Dave had a grin from ear to ear, he was loving the 4wding.

Lake McKenzie

Our first stop was a short rainforest walk following a clear as clear can be river with a white sand bottom. Pristine. Then onto Lake McKenzie, a perched lake with a naturally developed ‘hard pan’ base formed from organic debris and it’s only water source is rain drops. The white sand edges, and clear water make for a site to see (it’s one of the main attractions on the Island). We were lucky enough to have it all to ourselves and took the chance to have a wash. And someone also had the chance to enjoy an exfoliation and raved about their soft skin afterwards (and it wasn’t me!).
P1000648 P1000664 P1000642

After that it was the most amazing scenery as we 4wd in and out of forests, woodlands, gum tree forests and more. The surrounds were always changing. Dave was still grinning when we were done and back at camp.

IMG_1372 IMG_1456 IMG_1459


Champagne Pools

The next day we had sun and blue skies – yes! We jammed in a full day of driving right up the east coast, some beach driving and some inland tracks and we loved both! The coast got more rugged where red sand cliffs meet the sand and beach. Small inlet creek crossings, soft sand and 4wd rock hopping along the beach kept Dave concentrating. We went to the ‘Champagne Pools’, which are clear rock pools behind a natural break wall. After camping up north at beautiful Waddy Point we cruised back down the next day. We checked out Eli Creek another crystal clear creek, an impressive ship wreck, more fun beach driving and then it started to rain again so we headed home with big smiles on our faces.

 IMG_1589 IMG_1583

2 thoughts on “We’re on the great sandy island…shhh don’t tell Dusty!

  1. Shame about the weather, but a good write up guys!

    I don’t know what camera you’re using, but the shake reduction (?) is awesome – it’s soooo smooth!

    • Thanks mate! Despite the weather we managed to see plenty of amazing stuff on the island. Incredible place!

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