Wha bout me – an unforgettable birthday!

Darwin, NT

P1010552Those who have been reading our stories will remember the surprise of a lifetime that I gave my parents by turning up at their door step on Christmas Day. They had absolutely no idea that I was going to surprise them like that, which is fair enough. You would think then that I should have be ready for some sort of surprise in return…you would think…

Friday afternoon, ending a big week of work, I get home and flop onto the bed. I think to myself that I could really go an ice cold beer, and seen as though it’s my birthday weekend I definitely deserve one! That thought is then interrupted by my phone ringing. It’s my Mum.

She was telling me how nice it is at Coolum Beach and that Dad and her were having an amazing time. Next thing Mum is telling me that she can’t hear very well and that she is moving around the unit they are staying in to get better reception. “Can you hear me ok?”, Mum says. Now you would think that alarm bells would start ringing in my head with memories of how I surprised them on Christmas Day…but I didn’t twig.

P1040125“Can you hear me now”, Mum says again, “Yeah I can hear you fine!”, I reply. “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!”, she yells. Well this time I could hear her twice, once in the phone and once at the bloody front door! You’re shittin’ me!, I thought. No way!…there at the front door is my Mum and Dad, “WHA BOUT ME!” says Dad. (that’s what I use to say all the time when I was young when my older brothers were heading out somewhere fun). I couldn’t believe I didn’t catch on, I’m usually pretty switched on with those type of things but I did not see that one coming!

They had been planning the surprise visit for quite a few weeks. Chels, Sue, and Stacie had been in on it too so they did really well not to let it slip.

We had an amazing weekend away thanks to Chels and all her hard work and planning that she had put in. We took Mum and Dad to all the highlights of Litchfield NP with plenty of walks through the bush and swimming in numerous water holes and waterfalls. Chels also organised for us to stay in safari camp style tents, which were really cool.

P1010604   P1010576   P1010574

P1040129   P1010558   P1010597

After the weekend, back in Darwin, the surprises still kept coming. On Monday afternoon (my actual b’day) we went on a picture perfect harbour cruise on an old wooden pearl lugger. Following that, we had dinner at my favourite restaurant in Darwin, Nirvana. It was great that Mum and Dad could hang out with Chelsea’s Mum, Sue, and have plenty of laughs. Time they were all really happy to have together.

P1010662   P1010670   P1010676

Chels and I decided that Mum and Dad had to see crocodiles before they head home. You can’t come to the NT and not see crocs! So just when Mum and Dad thought their visit was all over we decided to take them to Adelaide River and go on a croc jumping cruise. This is where a tour guide holds bits of meat on a stick over the water and the crocs jump up to grab their lunch! I made sure that we booked on the smaller boat to get close to the action. Mum and Dad didn’t realise how close they were going to be and Mum got the fright of her life when a 6.1 metre monster jumped out of the water right next to her! Luckily I got the moment on camera! I even got NT News to print the story in the paper!

P1040167   P1010683   P1010686


Outside of all of these awesome highlights we also managed to show Mum and Dad around town, taking them to local markets as well as the famous Mindil Beach markets. We even took them for a walk along Casuarina beach and showed them where I proposed to Chels. It was great to show them our favourite places around town that makes up our day to day life here in Darwin.

On their final night in town we took Mum and Dad down to a local spot of ours. We had a BBQ dinner on the cliff tops overlooking Casuarina Beach. Mum and Dad got more quality time with Sue and we had a nice relaxed afternoon watching the sunset.

P1010761   P1010755   P1010753

This was one birthday I will never forget. It was so good having Mum and Dad in town, and it was even better being able to show them around Chelsea’s home town. Spending the weekend with 3 of the most amazing people I know made me feel like the luckiest guy ever. Thanks Mum. Thanks Dad. And most of all thanks to my amazing fiancé for organising the whole thing! Love you all.


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