About us

You’ve reached the travel journals of David (Gravy) and Chelsea. We’re in our early thirties and we decided that more than anything else, we wanted to see Australia. We left Sydney in March 2013 and we’re still going. I suppose we never called our trip a holiday – more just a way of life. It’s how we’ve chosen to spend the last few years of our life, while we are still fancy free.

Rather than give you our life stories and tell you that we love long walks on the beach, we will use this space to visually share what we like and what we believe in.

Dave and Chels

“The unknown journey of life is the ultimate destination”

GRAVY 2007

A fave of Chelsea’s

“Not all those who wander are lost”

Sand and feet
Prayer flags

The 2 step life

1. Make others happy without them having to thank you.
2. Make others happy without them knowing it was thanks to you.

GRAVY 2012
Dave climbing

A fave of Dave’s

“We don’t stop having fun because we get old, we get old because we stop having fun”

We’ll be adding to our values and thoughts reflected here over time, so be sure to drop back in!