Tying the Knot

Kangaroo Valley, NSW

chels and dave's wedding
Most of you already know that in Sept 2014 we decided to set a date for our wedding. On our first afternoon of planning we went to the beach at sunset with a beer (it’s hard work this wedding planning!) and our laptops to gather our ideas. We soon realised we had the very same thoughts on how we would like to celebrate our wedding, and on our first venue search we found our dream location! Full of pure excitement we did our usual cheers with our beers, “To the Unknown Journey”. Continue reading

Adventures to remember

Sydney – Seventeen Seventy

Chelsea's Dolphin Encounter
All of you die-hard blog fans would have noticed that Dave’s written most of our posts – well since I’ve finished building the website I have no excuses, but how do I sum up 11 weeks? Dave’s covered our fave places so I won’t double up there. Instead I’ve compiled random snippets from my journal notes. Buckle up folks it’s pretty long but here are some of my thoughts and highlights on the trip so far. Continue reading