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Sensational Scenery

This album features the stunning scenery along the south coast of WA. The rivers, giant trees, untouched forests, rugged coast and super white sandy beaches make this an amazingly scenic area to travel through.

Station Life

Hopefully this album will give you a good overall picture of why we loved our time at Bullara Station so much! Be sure to check out our blog post for this one too.

Gorges in the Rough, Kaijini NP

Karijini National Park is a wonderland of gorges and waterfalls. We loved our time here.

On the road again!

Here are a mix of photos of our journey from Darwin to De Grey River (just in-land from Port Hedland) in WA.

Living at the top

Our time in Darwin with Chelsea's family and our exploration of the Top End, has created loads of amazing and lasting memories!

Our Wedding

On the 28th Dec 2014 Dave & I tied the knot. Here are a mix of our favourite photos mostly taken by Kelleen Russell, Julian Hurrell and my cousin Jo Starling.

Wedding Family Photos

We got some really great family shots taken at the wedding & want to share them with our family for lasting memories. Once in the album you can right click on an image to save it. Alternatively, contact us for high quality versions if you would like to print any.

Jatbula Trail in Nitmiluk National Park

A multi-day trek that we did with our four best friends in early July 2014. Situated amongst the stunning ancient landscape of Nitmiluk NP, the Jatbula Trail follows the route travelled by generations of Jawoyn people, from Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) to Leliyn (Edith Falls). It follows the western edge of the Arnhem Land Escarpment, and the trail traverses sandstone plateau scrub, woodlands, open forest, sandstone monsoon forest and riverine landscapes. There's rock art to be explored along the way and the scenery was ever changing. This trail is highlighted by camp sites situated next to amazing waterfalls or swimming holes which were so very appreciated. Granted we did have pleasant cool weather which also made all the difference. This is a must do hike!

Jim Jim Falls Helicopter Flight

Finally after years of saying "one day I'd like to fly over the falls in Kakadu" we did it! We flew over rock escarpment, plains, Twin Falls, Jim Jim Falls and Yellow Waters wetlands in an open door mustering helicopter. AMAZING!

Kununurra, Ord River Houseboat

This New Years Eve we took a house boat out on the Ord River in Kununurra, WA for a few nights. One of the best New Years we've had!

Incredible Kakadu

Thanks to my sister who sent us off for a 4-day getaway as our engagement gift, we got to experience the wonders of Kakadu National Park.

A day in the life of us...

Ever wonder what we get up to all day? Flick through this album for a glimpse of an average day in the life of our unknown journey... It was on the 24th August.

Heading Inland - Qld to NT

Finally we head inland on our journey from Tully National Park in Qld to Darwin in the NT. Among other things we enjoyed hiking to waterfalls, going on river cruises and experiencing outback pubs.

Hinchinbrook Island

An amazing 4-day hike along the Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbrook Island. Rugged mountains, hidden waterfalls, beautiful beaches, remote rainforests...this hike has it all.

Mission Beach Skydive

We had a stop over at Mission Beach and the place that we found to camp the night just happened to be a sky dive centre as well. Why not then eh!

Tyrconnell Historic Goldmine

We thought is was about time to get a taste of Australian history and we loved this stop. A really well preserved historic gold mine in country Qld.

Cape Tribulation

We just loved Cape Tribulation so we stayed there for a few weeks, hence all the photos in this gallery!

Townsville to Cairns incl Atherton Tablelands

A highlight for us was Atherton Tablelands - we spent a week exploring the scenic winding roads, rolling green hills, lakes, rainforests, waterfalls and cute small towns of this area.

Whitehaven Beach

We camped on Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays. What an amazing place!!

Mackay Hinterland

Some shots of our time inland from Mackay at Eungella NP, Lake Kinchant and also on the coast at Cape Hillsborough

Carnarvon Gorge

We spent close to a week at Carnarvon Gorge, including an amazing three days of trekking and camping out in the gorge. Check it out!

Hervey Bay - Seventeen Seventy

This part of the coast is lovely. The towns are small, the beaches are quiet, the fishing is good and the camp sites have been great.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island held up to all the expectations, and some!

North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island turned out to be an experience of beautiful beach and amazing wild life encounters

Week five - Byron Bay

Byron Bay lived up to our expectations! Great surfing. Great vibe. Great fishing. Loved it!

Week three - Inland rainforests

We decided to head inland to some rain forest areas and boy are we glad we did! We saw some amazing old growth forests.

Week two - First catch and a busted face

Week 2 was an exciting week. From eating self caught fish for dinner for the first time to getting my face stitched up at a bush kitchen cafe!

Week one - On the road!

Our first week on the road was a great introduction to our new life. We're looking forward to many more weeks like this one!

Finding the right home on wheels

After many hours of research we finally decided on how we would to road trip and live while travelling around Australia.

Our 'Photo of the month' collection

If you would like to see our past 'Photo of the month' images, check this album out.

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      • Don’t worry man, we’ve been getting that quite a bit! If you guys plan a holiday check out where we’re at at the time and we could meet up!

  1. Great photos! Love reading what you guys are up too!! We miss you both so much and are also just a little jealous!!! Keep enjoying! Luv Mum & Dad XXX

  2. Just had to add, and say again! that your photos are amazing! Just checked out your Fraser Is ones. Soooooo good except the one of the spider!! Freaked me out a little but a great shot!

  3. Hey guys…. looks like you are both having a wonderful time on the road. Love your pics, clearly you have been to some awesome locations, I love the pic for the kangaroos, so aussie.

    Take care and don’t forget to drop in if in deed you come back this way!
    Tracey x

    • Great to hear from you Tracey! Yep, we’ve truly been overwhelmed with just how many places have blown us away AND the trip just keeps getting better. Thanks for checking out our website, it’s great to stay in touch with you. We might pick your brain when we get to Kakadu as well! Plus we will definitely drop in to visit if we come back your way. Take care, Chels & Dave 🙂

  4. Great Gallery Dave and Chels, inspiring nature, I think we will follow in your footsteps eventually 😉 for now it’s Asia in January, so if u’re not sick of travelling by than you should try to convert that Campervan into a plane and fly over to Vietnam – imagine that, “flying campervan” Sounds like a title of an adventure movie !!!!! I’m getting excited .

    Marty & Nat

    • Thanks for your awesome feedback guys! It’s great to hear from you. Believe it or not I’ve thought about you guys many times because you would truly LOVE what we have been seeing and doing as much as we have. I can see you guys slotting right into life on the road in a campervan, soaking up nature at it’s best and experiencing all adventures that come with traveling – and Marty you would be SO INSPIRED to draw, it would drive you crazy! I’ve been meaning to email you some inspiring oz bush ‘research’ pics for our little project one day 🙂 so I must get around to that soon. And soon you guys will be getting an adventure of your own, Vietnam will be so very cool, and you guys deserve an escape too! Stay in touch about January…it sounds amazing…if we have $ we’re keen! Take care, Chels and Dave x

  5. OMG! Once again those photos are amazing!! I think my favourite is no. 10, the close up of the water over the green mossy rocks! Wow moment for me!

    • Thanks Mum! Glad you’re loving the photos. We’re going to have a huge library of them by the time we’ve finished this trip…what to do with them?? We might figure something out. Not bragging or anything but the photo that you really liked was one of mine 🙂

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