Wildlife Encounters

South West Coast, W.A.

Chels and I had heard many good things about what to see and do south of Perth. After making some pretty quick ground cruising down the Coral Coast, we were ready to slow down the pace, so what better place to do it then in the South West of WA!

The first thing we noticed was the giant trees! Having just lived on a cattle station in the Pilbara P1060706for a few months we couldn’t help but notice the tall trees all around. At first it felt a little claustrophobic, because we were used to seeing the horizon in every direction, but we soon fell in love with the lush green forests and flowing rivers.

In our usual style, we stopped into most towns on the way down without planning too much in advance. When we got to Busselton we discovered it was the right time and place to go whale watching so we decided to jump on board a cruise. We’ve been whale watching a few times already, but we really love it, so we thought why not go again. It’s different every time you go, and this time was the best whale watching experience we have had to date. We were lucky enough to have multiple whales swimming and playing under and around the boat for the best part of an hour. The water was so clear that you could see the whole whale as it swam under the bow of the boat! We will remember this whale watching cruise forever.

Busselton Whale Watching   P1060597   P1060601

Whale swims within metres of Dave

As we dotted our way down the coast we stopped in at a number a small towns that were nice. Then we rolled into Margaret River, and we fell in love. This town has everything we could ever want. It’s a small quiet town surrounded by amazing bush land and forests. It’s on the coast where there’s amazing surfing and fishing. There’s a beautiful river for kayaking (and fishing). It’s home to WA’s best rock climbing locations. There’s awesome mountain bike trails through the forests. You could trail run for miles in every direction, straight from your front door. The local food and fresh produce is incredible and the markets in the area sell delicious food – so Chels was very happy! What more could you want?! Needless to say, Chels and I spent some time in this area and experienced all the above-mentioned activities on different days, although we took part in the food and fresh produce every day! In the photo you will see the salami that Chels’s friends made, and it was the best salami I have ever had!

Wharncliffe Mill, Magaret River    Wharncliffe Mill, Magaret River    IMG_1569

Smith Beach, Yallingup, Dave surfingBesides the food, another highlight was surfing with the locals. And by locals I mean a pod of dolphins! I was out with 3 other guys when a pod of dolphins decided to do laps of the beach (I think they were feeding). Every time the dolphins came past us they swam right on through the four of us, coming as close as a metre or two away each time. It was unbelievable! They were there for my entire surf session and I didn’t get sick of seeing them. A memory I will keep forever!

Dave surfing with dolphins near Yallingup

We found it hard to leave Margaret River. In fact we were offered a job at the Eco Bush Retreat were we were camping, and we almost took it! We loved the idea of it, however it felt like we had only just left the cattle station and we were keen to be moving, so we left town and headed further south.

P1060638We camped in a number of amazing national parks – our favourite kind where we set up nestled among huge trees, quiet surrounds and alongside rivers. We’ve also enjoyed increasing our campfire oven recipe repertoire! More on that some other time…

After making our way down the coast we eventually found ourselves at the most south-western point of Australia, Augusta. Here we did a tour of the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse that looks out over the ocean where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet. The view was very impressive and it looked like the two oceans were battling each other for more ground, which was really cool.

P1060635    P1060642    P1060648

Well, from Augusta there’s only one way to go…East!

2 thoughts on “Wildlife Encounters

  1. Love loved the whale watching! Still on my to do list!! Apparently there have been whale sightings at Jervis Bay so we might get lucky! Great photos guys!! Dad & I have the same photo on top of the lighthouse. Great view and yes amazing watching the oceans collide! Take care! XXX

    • Thanks Mum! Yeah the whale watching was amazing. We’ve done it about 4 or 5 times now and this was the best so far! We actually just spent the last 2 days swimming with wild sea lions and dolphins!!! One of the best experiences we’ve had on this trip, hands down.

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